Masumi Igarashi

Good-Bad, Glass, 30x10x14cm, 2009

Masumi lgarashi’s work is inspired by the relationships between herself and the world. She tries to capture and explore them. She finds the traces for this in the seemingly insignificant aspects of life, which she processes in her sculptures. She often combines her glass objects with organic materials such as earth or wood, for example […]

Adam Gabriel

Reflection 2, mixed media on paper, 100x140xm, 2020

 The imagery itself is not silent. It is expressionistic and reflects the endless degrees of human presence that a portrait can hold. But these are not actual portraits. By expressing the human face universally rather than individually, he questions what life is for a size. In the midst of the colorless, glowing or sensuous brushstrokes, […]

Saša Makarová

Noch ein Campari Soda, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm 2019

Her work is stylistically located between the Neuen Wilden and the Fauvists. Saša Makarová‘s oeuvre is a figurative exploration of the topic of woman and femininity. Challenging self-portraits, with impasto floral and ornamental elements reminiscent of Henri Matisse are her means of expression. The expressive coloring of the Brücke painters finds its way in her […]

Wang Shaojun

Man and Frog, Bronze, 54 x 28 x 55 cm, 2011

His early works were mainly sculptures. In recent years, he has made many achievements in the field of watercolor painting. Recently, he began to create jade carving works. He has achieved high results in multiple artistic fields. Sculptures have participated in important exhibitions in China and around the world for many times which attracted much […]

Daniel Fuchs

Elemente, Holz, 200 x 100 cm, 2020

But from an early age he felt oppressed by the tightness and monotony of everyday life in East Germany. When the Berlin Wall fell and the East Germany regime collapsed, he felt relieved, but hopes for an improvement in his personal situation were not yet fulfilled. He followed different jobs but they did not fill […]

Alexander Dik

Noyu, oil on canvas, 160 x 120 cm, 2021

As a young boy, Alexander went to school in Berlin (Marzahn Quarter) and experienced how, as a migrant, he was treated as a stranger. The vivid family fate shaped his life, his perception and strength to persevere, to develop a vital relationship to himself and to have an alert view of the world. His power […]