Gerd Leins

A non-famous racer who likes to accelerate around corners and perform speed and passion at 300 km/h – it is impossible to place him in any fixed role. Always on the road to finding oneself. The central theme of his art is the self that eventually fades away. For him, life is a moment interspersed between “nothing”. In this moment is our self-consciousness. This moment is a time of solitude – a moment in which the existence of our self is confirmed by the presence of the people around us.

The art work in progress is to take the obituary notice pasted on top of the canvas and gradually erase the original message of the obituary by covering it in sections, until the final disappearance. By using both black and white paint, Lance transforms the story behind the obituary and the memories of the past.

In the end, what do we have left in the world?
Everything. But at the same time, there is nothing left.
No matter how it begins or how it ends – in the end, it’s ashes to ashes!


Selected Works