Richard Hoffmann

Richard Hoffmann, painter and sculpturer, was born on 23.11.30 in Lebach, Saar, Germany.

From 1963 to 1989, Hoffmann worked almost exclusively on sculpture, and from 1983 he increasingly found his way back to painting. In 1987/1988 he published his first Cell Tectonic Manifesto, followed by the second in 2004.

Hoffmann created numerous large sculptures and fountains in public spaces. Among them is the Peace Memorial on the Schaumberg in Tholey (Saarland) as a large bronze relief, which was created in 1976 on the initiative of French President Charles de Gaulle and Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The more than 5-meter-long bronze relief barriers in front of it were stolen in 2011. The relief barriers, the heads, arms and hands rushing towards each other, are a symbol of the coming together of the peoples in peace.


Selected Works