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Pashmin Fine Art

three decades of experience in the art market


Our Pashmin Fine Artists

Pashmin Fine Art promotes the artists who have already established their art in national and international art stages as guideposts for this and the coming generation. These artists have a long and intensive cooperation with us and have made their art style a brand. The works of those individualists shall receive a special appreciation with Pashmin Fine Art.

Our many years of expertise in the art sector make it possible to recognize whether the artists are promising talents, mayflies or newcomers with high potential. Whether international exhibitions, auctions, fairs or other art events, Pashmin Fine Art’s challenge is to match the artworks with the needs of the market and to maintain a sustainable approach to art and thinking.

Pashmin Fine Art on YouTube

Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!


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