Wang Shaojun

His early works were mainly sculptures. In recent years, he has made many achievements in the field of watercolor painting. Recently, he began to create jade carving works. He has achieved high results in multiple artistic fields. Sculptures have participated in important exhibitions in China and around the world for many times which attracted much attention.

He has created large-scale public art works for many cities, such as the Group sculptures for commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War at Lugou Bridge, memorial sculptures in Bayi Square, Nanchang, Jiangxi, etc., won the Outstanding Work Award at the National Urban Sculpture Construction Achievement Exhibition; China Public Art Academic Award. The “Internal Uniformity” exhibition in European Tour 2019 at the Mark Rothko Art Center in Latvia, ; 2017-2018 National Tour Exhibition of “It’s Me” Wang Shaojun Art Exhibition; he held a large-scale exhibition “Mentality: Wang Shaojun’s Art Solo Exhibition” at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum in 2015 and toured many places.
Works are collected by the International Olympic Committee, National Art Museum of China, CAFA Art Museum, Qinghua University, National Grand Theater, China Film Museum, Beijing International Sculpture Garden, Changchun International Sculpture Garden, Fuzhou International City Sculpture Garden, Shanghai Municipal Government and other national important exhibition halls and government agencies.Published “Advancements in configurations – Wang Shaojun art work” and “Understanding Sculpture”; “Knowing Sculpture” as a standard test textbook for ordinary high school curriculum; “Sculpture texture of clothing ” the basic textbook of sculpture major of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Wang Shaojun, Portait

Selected Works