Dao Zi

His research interests include art criticism, modern art history and theory, Christian art, poetry, and Saintism Water-Ink Art (Christian Water-Ink Art).

Dao Zi has been all the time devoted to introspection and the first to worry about the woes of people. Looking at the world’s ruins-like dumping ground, he is brimming with salvation feelings. He takes spirit as sacrifice, faith as purpose, and pen with ink as tool, and regards art as a dimension of spirit and faith. Dao Zi not only shows concern for the earthly world, but also holds supernatural Providence in awe. He blends his multi-year profound academic cultivation on poetry creation and art-criticism writing into the wash, and pours spirituality into it, thus the painting is metaphorically called “Saintism Wash-Ink Painting”.

Based on Christian faith, the Saintism Wash-Ink Painting wishes to awake the theological significance and the metaphysical significance of ink wash. Ink wash’s conception, technique and calligraphic nature have already contained spirituality which is metaphysical, transcendent, suffering-perceptive and psychic. The ink displays God’s principle and spirituality between black and white, tangible and intangible, dense and light, and dry and moist. Moving across the paper, the brush expresses spiritual grandness and construction.

The particularity of the Saintism Wash-ink Painting lies in the influence of Christian faith on contemporary ink wash art. Some conceptual relationships that seem to be beyond comprehension of ordinary people are involved in the Saintism Wash-ink Painting: Christ and art, Christ and contemporary art, Christ and ink-wash, and Christ and contemporary ink wash. Only after we have profoundly expounded and sorted out the relationships, can we make out the contemporary value and significance of Dao Zi’s proposing the concept of “Saintism Wash-ink Painting” and its creation process.


Selected Works