Māris Čačka

Māris Čačka has created a unique, hybridized technique of abstract expression, which integrates pictorial and graphic methods. They line up as symbols whose meaning is to be sought in between subjective zeal in a pure world of the artist and society’s cultural conventions. For all that, the works are not outspoken. Māris Čačka paints his “definite and indefinite dialogues”, clearly knowing that signs are independent of their meanings. A signifier is not its signified, although it has been assumed that the former can represent the latter. Māris Čačka plays this cultural game of hide and seek with great skill and finesse, using unassuming gestures and allowing the audiences to establish the boundaries of their curiosity. Māris Čačka is the artistic director of an institution, which can be considered a global cultural ambassador of Latvia. He creates exhibition programmes at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.


Selected Works